Sony unveiled the controller for the PlayStation 5. Called the DualSense, she creates with break with respect to the generation DualShock in place since the very first PlayStation.

Sony unveiled the DualSense controller of the PlayStation 5 (which is still not known the design), and it is not called the DualShock 5. In an article published on April 7, we discover the DualSense, a pad, which contrasts with what we usually see in the japanese manufacturer. The name change is accompanied by the greatest evolution in terms of design since the first DualShock, and several innovations that had already been announced.

We will begin by talking about this color choice, with a finish combination of black and white and reminiscent of the helmet PlayStation VR. This gives a futuristic look to the essential accessory to take advantage of its PS5. On the photos, we can see that Sony remains faithful to its two sticks symmetrical dug and very close together. They surround a home button of PlayStation now embedded in the hull.

We note, moreover, that the general form is much less rounded than that of the DualShock 4. We are dealing here with a DualSense controller that’s more rectangular and minimalist, with sleeves that become finer towards the tip. Sony has made lots of room for the trackpad, introduced on the DualShock 4. It is emphasized by a band of light that surrounds it on three sides. Last point on design : the layout of the keys is the same, with the exception of the Share button replaced by an equivalent Create, which will allow new opportunities for sharing (we do not know more for the moment).

Regarding the embedded features, Sony had already mentioned two features :

  • A haptic feedback for vibration, more accurate ;
  • Triggers adaptive to a feeling on it, very realistic in certain situations (example : when you tape a bow).
Controller PS5 ‘DualSense

It was further confirmation that the DualSense will be equipped with a microphone, as the hint of a patent. He will talk to his friends and/or classmates of online games without a headset (there is a button for the cut). Large defect of the DualShock 4, the autonomy should be much better, even if Sony does not provide any figure (the battery recharges through a USB port-C).