Netflix has updated its interface to strengthen the parental control. A new feature, the PIN code can be used by all subscribers to have more privacy.

Netflix has just launched new features to improve the parental controls and the interface for children, has announced the platform in a blog post April 7, 2020. “We give the parents the means of control they need to make the best decisions for their family , “says the company.

On the platform of video on demand by subscription (SVOD), there are now ways to filter the content based on the ages of the children, to remove films or series of the interface with the child profile, and also to set up a PIN code on the profiles of children and parents.

The idea of the 4-digit PIN ensures that a child will not go around the parental control by using the session of his parents. But everyone can use it : if you share your subscription with other users and you do not want them to be able to use your profile (and thus risking to alter the algorithm of recommendation) or go to your viewing history, you can also add this extra security. Here is how to do.


You can add a PIN code required to 4 digits of an account or all accounts, depending on your mood. To do this, follow the steps listed below :

  • Step 1 : go To your profile (top right) and click on “Account” ;
  • Step 2 : go Down until you see the “Profiles and parental control” ;
  • Step 3 : Place the profile on which you want to add a PIN code (with the small arrow on the right) and click on the ” Lock profiles “.
  • Step 4 : Here you need to enter the password of your Netflix account to prove it is really you.
  • Step 5 : The platform you will be prompted to create a 4-digit code to secure your profile.

You can also decide if this PIN code will be required to create other profiles — which allows parents to prevent their child does is just creates another profile to see content ” prohibited “.

This is it, you have to save. You will notice now that when you open Netflix, the accounts protected by a PIN code are indicated by a small padlock. When you try to access it, the platform asks you to type in the famous 4 digits.

Today, at least one in ten French is paying a subscription fee to Netflix, more than 6.7 million French.