New step towards the ability to conduct fully autonomous (Full Self-Driving Capability), a video shows a Tesla Model 3 Autopilot will automatically stop at a red light. No release date is yet announced for this feature.

Tesla disclaims the Autopilot in two versions. Now comes series, the “auto-pilot” is a system of autonomous control level 2. Tesla, however, proposing more advanced features to the clients, checking the option “ability to conduct fully autonomous” (Full Self-Driving Capability or FSD), charged in France, not less than 6 300 €. If the extra features of this version are already exciting, like the function “navigation Autopilot” (Navigate on Autopilot) that allows the autopilot to manage the pathways of insertion and motorway exits, Tesla also announced features to come. Thus, three points of improvement are announced : the recognition of and reaction to traffic lights and stop signs, driving automated city and the call of his vehicle from its parking place (informally referred to as the Reverse Summon).

While the recognition of and reaction to traffic lights and stop signs were expected for the end of the year 2019, Tesla was ultimately deployed as the recognition and visualization on the interface of its cars. It could be, however, that the arrival of the reaction to traffic lights and stop signs no longer so far away. As well, Kyle Conner (Out-of-Spec Motoring), responsible for the YouTube channel of InsideEVs, published on his Twitter account a video showing a Model 3 will automatically stop at red lights.

Remember that the Autopilot requires supervision and does not allow you to use their phone at the wheel.

After Kyle Conner, the system also works with the approach of the stop signs. Once at the stop, just a pressure on the accelerator pedal, or on the order of “box of speeds”, and the car leaves.

“Unfortunately, we cannot reveal for the moment how he [Kyle Conner] had access to the car, but it has taken several photos, as well as a few videos of the device in action. We can’t say if it is a software version earlier or a vehicle ‘early adopter’, or if other Tesla owners are already beginning to have access to the new function.”, accurate InsideEVs. Tesla has not yet reported on the deployment of this new functionality. It is therefore Impossible to predict a date for the widespread deployment of this feature, which could also vary depending on region and regulations.