On the occasion of a press conference, Xiaomi unveiled, among other things, a new air purifier called ” Mi Air Purifier 3H“, which allows you to cover a wide coverage of the surface, is 380 m3/h.

Taking advantage of the release of its new capital ships, the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro, Xiaomi has unveiled a new air purifier, the Mi Air Purifier 3H. Is this the arrival of Spring and its many related allergies which have given ideas to the chinese manufacturer ?

It is still the case that the Mi Air Purifier 3H is the second air purifier from Xiaomi and walk in line with the Mid Air Purify 2S. Moreover, few of the aspects which distinguish and the Mi Air Purifier 3H still benefits from this architecture in the form of a rectangular tower.

Among the differences between these two models is the surface coverage, since this new device should be able to cover 380 m3/h, compared to 310 m3/h for the Mi Air Purify 2S.

In addition, the HEPA filter has changed slightly since it now lets you capture a 99.97 % of particles as small as 0.3 micrometers, depending on the manufacturer. Always on the side of the filtration system, this new model still enjoys a pre-filter which allows to eliminate the larger dust such as hair or animal hair.

Another new feature on this  Mi Air Purifier 3H : the Oled screen that turns out this time touch and thanks to which it is possible to choose from different modes or information. This Oled display indicates to the user the temperature inside, the humidity level of the room, the mode of purification is chosen, the state of the filter, or the percentage of fine particles present in the room ; as we had noticed on the previous model, all of this information on a small screen make it difficult to visualize the entirety of the data.

The Mid Air Purify 3 o’clock can still be controlled via the im application Home and is compatible with Google Wizard and Amazon to Alexa.

This new air purifier from Xiaomi will be available on the 1st of April at a price of 180 €, is a very attractive price for this type of device. In comparison, the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool has been launched to 649 €.