The containment is the opportunity to begin a large household of spring, starting with the window with the robot-cleaner Eziclean a trunk 388, which began its first tests on our windows.

With a certain expertise on vacuum cleaners-robots and washer soil, we may very soon (optimism does not interfere) to open the doors of our laboratories to the robots scrubbers of glass. A number of emails from readers abound in this sense, and in this confinement period is finally the perfect opportunity to clean our windows and floor to ceiling windows. That is why we are equipped to familiarize ourselves with this new product category, and we begin the discovery with the Eziclean a trunk 388.

If one has already seen products of this kind in a square shape, this device is oval and consists of two pads covered with a fabric of microfibre which performs rotational movements at high speed. The first removes the small dust and cleans the wall when the latter is coupled to the finishes polishing the glass. A small sprayer projects water particles to wet the window without creating drops. Equipped with sensors of any kind (including empty), a Eziclean a trunk 388 should be able to provide a navigation and methodical covering the entire surface — that we will not fail to verify in our tests. A bit like a suction cup, the robot relies on a vacuum system powerful enough to keep it upright on the surface.

Contrary to what one might think, the robot window cleaner can’t provide a functioning wired and must be connected to an electrical outlet. A small battery with an autonomy of 20 min in average is used simply to keep the robot on the glass, but without cleaning it, to officiate in the event of a power outage, simply.

The a trunk 388 Eziclean is supplied with a remote control that allows you to steer the robot on a bay window, but also to spray at the request or stop the navigation of the device. The latter can also connect by Bluetooth to the smartphone of the user and the application with which a trunk is enabled to deport the remote control on the mobile.