The AKG Y100 are Bluetooth headphones with a neck strap. They were launched in late 2018 / early 2019 at the same time as the N200 and the N700NC and Y500 Bluetooth headsets . It is an entry-level model sold at € 99, ​​which can now be found around € 70, even € 60.

The AKG Y100 are available in black, blue, green or pink finish. They highlight excellent comfort, good sound performance and offer a listening mode for surrounding noise and multipoint pairing with two devices. Their announced autonomy is 8 hours.

The AKG Y100 opt for a sober and neutral design. The aluminum ring on each earpiece (and the alternative colored versions to our test model) brings a touch of style. The finishes are neat and there is no trace of unsightly assembly, thanks in particular to the design of the control block, molded over the cable. The rubbery neck section is pleasant to the touch and extremely flexible: it can easily be folded down to fit in the small carrying pouch provided.

The shape of the headphones and the material used on the ear tips provide flawless support. Comfort is also at the rendezvous: the 24 g of the headphones are forgotten both at the neck, which distributes the weight pleasantly, as at the headphones themselves. The flat surface of the earphones has a magnetic attachment, practical to prevent them from wandering or slipping when they are no longer in the ears.

Interaction with the AKG Y100 is reduced to a simple universal three-button remote control. It nevertheless allows access to all of the essential functions: management of music listening, calls, listening volume, navigation between tracks and triggering of the smartphone voice assistant. The central button being in relief, it is easy to locate the buttons by touch. The LED located on one of the two slices of the remote control indicates the status of the Bluetooth connection and flashes red when approaching the autonomy limit. Simple and efficient.

On the other side of the remote control, an additional button is used to activate the ambient noise listening function (Ambiant Aware), which is accompanied by a reduction in the volume of the music. In use, this function is effective in keeping awareness of external events, but it will be necessary to lower the sound even more to understand an announcement or a caller well. A dedicated LED and an audible announcement clearly indicate the activation of this mode.

The AKG Y100 headphones work exclusively in Bluetooth (4.2) and allow two devices to be connected simultaneously (multipoint function). The announced autonomy and the recharging time are verified in practice: we found a duration of use of 8 hours as well as a charging time of 2 hours. These are satisfactory times for a product of this type, which still remain a notch below the best of its kind, like the Bullets Wireless 2(2 p.m.). The AKG Y100 headphones can be used to view video content on certain mobile applications (Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, etc.), however, expect a small difference between sound and image, even under these “ideal” conditions. In all other cases, on the other hand, the offset (measured at around 220 ms) becomes particularly troublesome.

The microphone of the hands-free kit offers correct intelligibility of the voice in a calm environment. The timbre of the voice is greatly degraded (some consonants are very “chewed”), but this is still enough to hold a call in these conditions. However, this is not the case in noisy environments: voice is lost in the noise caused by nearby elements (traffic, wind, etc.), and it is very difficult to distinguish it.