The induction hob Siemens EX275FXB1E presents the technical characteristics of little innovative. On the other hand, it may attract the owners of spaces atypical with particular dimensions.

In general, the cooking plates are divided into two categories : models 60 cm wide and 90 cm wide. The vast majority of these devices reach 60 cm of depth, which allows them to accommodate two homes, one behind the other. The induction hob Siemens EX275FXB1E measuring 88 inches wide but only 33 cm deep ; the homes, instead of being placed one behind the other, are placed one beside the other. People with small kitchen (or to the unusual architecture, all in length) can thus benefit from four cooking zones separate, even if their work plan is less than 60 cm deep.

Good point, in spite of this special provision, the induction hob Siemens EX275FXB1E has two areas joinable. Each pair of inducers (left and right) can be combined into one and the large cooking surface to hold utensils special like a large Dutch oven for family or a fishmonger. Only their position will change relative to a conventional plate since the user will have to place them in length rather than in depth.

Except for this original provision, the Siemens EX275FXB1E is similar to many other models of hotplates. The control panel is located in the center of the device and essentially consists of a slider to choose one of the 17 powers that are available to modulate the maximum power of 7 400 W it can reach, according to the technical data sheet ; therefore, we can make adjustments to temperature very accurate. Just behind this interface, we find the five keys of selection of the households : one for driver and another to combine the two right or the left. Of course, each heating zone has its own electronic display (segment) to fill in the chief on the power level selected, or the cooking time remaining, if the latter has set a countdown.

Siemens has also provided a presetting system of homes during cooking : just change its utensils place for cooking to a power predetermined begins. This way of cooking is inspired by the great chefs who, on their pianos to gas, regulate the power of the fire and allowed to burn in order to gain in reactivity. One thus avoids having to perform a parameterization that can be tricky as the sauce already beginning to congeal in the pan.

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