PC sales in western Europe have increased by 51% in volume terms in march, boosted by the containment measures in the face of the Covid-19. In france, the growth of deliveries has reached only 5%.

Deliveries of PC distributors IT in western Europe have increased by 38 % during the first three weeks of march compared to the same period in 2019, according to the Context. The passage of the Covid-19 at the stage of pandemic and containment measures that have resulted in the region have caused an explosion in the demand of equipment dedicated to telework. Laptops have benefited most with an increase of 51% of their sales by volume, as against +9% for those of the desktop PC. The increase was also more important for the corporate products (+56%), but shipments of computers general public have also experienced an exceptional growth (+44%). In the category of desktop PC , only the segment terminals professional has recorded an increase.

If we stick to the laptops it is in Ireland that the distributors IT have recorded their best results (+127%) during the first three weeks of march. In Italy, the first european country affected by the epidemic, and the balance sheet most serious health, their counterparts have seen their sales of laptops rising by 110 %. Then come Spain (+87%), Austria (+56%), Germany (+52%), Poland (+51%) and the Uk (+50%). Wholesalers IT present in France are the last in this ranking, which includes 14 countries with only 5.4% of deliveries of laptops additional (+3.4% in revenue). In france, the number of notebooks for professionals, marketed has increased by 21% in volume over the period studied, and represented 62% of all laptops sold by wholesalers-IT territory. At the same time, shipments of notebooks grand public, have declined by 13%. A bad result to weight by the fact that this market segment had seen an increase of 39% in volume during the first three weeks of march 2019.

More long-term investments but lack of short-term stocks

“In many organizations, the current crisis has probably made aware of the need to provide economic solutions to digital sound, which should lead to an increase of investment in this area in the long term,” predicts Marie-Christine Pygott, senior analyst at Context. In the short term, however, stocks may come to miss… the explosion of the demand in equipment for the home work in the past two weeks resulted in a significant reduction in volumes available for sale in a number of countries in Western Europe. “The offers inbound is also disturbed to varying degrees (depending on the manufacturer and the product category) by problems of manufacture and logistics, the provision of PC to the growing number of workers at home may become a challenge in the coming weeks,” according to the study in a press release.