It is recognized that reading is effective against stress, especially during this period. Amazon offers its entry-level Kindle e-reader, with adjustable front lighting with four LEDs.

The entry-level Kindle 2019 e- reader from Amazon is currently offered at € 54.99 against € 79.99 usually on the eponymous e-commerce site, which continues to work despite the confinement. This is the Wi-Fi model, decked out in 8 GB and in black, with “special offers” (advertisements) on the screensaver. The delivery is free.

The Kindle 2019 has a 6-inch (15.2 cm diagonal) touchscreen with e-Ink Pearl technology, and a definition of 800 x600 px (resolution of 167 ppi). But the big difference comes from the provision of front lighting consisting of four LEDs and manually adjustable.

Kindle e-reader advantages

Compared to the Kindle of 2016, this new version has made a slimming cure while retaining a line made of edges and rounded corners, more pleasant to the touch. What does not change either is the use of a smooth plastic shell which, admittedly, facilitates handling, but turns out to be slippery.

Its other strengths

  • Backlight
  • Design
  • Amazon Library

What could hold you back

• Sliding plastic shell
• Voiceview function limited to English speakers
• No anti-blue light device
• Proprietary format

The alternative

Difficult to compete with this entry-level Kindle as the practical competition of much higher prices. On the other hand, by adding 35 €, you will access the Kindle Paperwhite displayed at 89.99 € against 129.99 € in normal times. The particularity of this reader, also equipped with a 6-inch screen (resolution of 300 dpi), is its resistance to water splashes and forced baths. In addition, there is an 8 GB memory and lighting composed of five LEDs.