The Lenovo Smart Clock clearly takes its design cues from the Nest Hub. The 4-inch touch screen displays a resolution of 800 × 480 pixels. Although much smaller than the Google device, the Smart Clock is wrapped in gray fabric on the back of its shell, which covers its 1.5-inch 3W speaker. Lenovo Smart Clock has a fairly deep base (8.5 cm) but can easily be placed on a night table between the Kleenex box and the latest Bret Easton Ellis (including Kindle, of course).

This is probably where you will want to keep Lenovo Smart Clock ,The 11.4 x 7.8 cm frame was probably designed with these dimensions to stay in those of a classic old-fashioned clock radio. Like the alarm clocks of yesteryear, its display is easily visible, and a variety of displays are available. There are 10 different styles, including analog, digital, minimalist and colorful dials. No random display option, but it is quite easy to change and customize the different dials by long pressing on the screen. The last screen in the list allows you to display photos extracted from a Google Photos album that you can choose with the voice function. On the upper part of the mesh body, a plus and minus sign allows you to control the volume. There is also a microphone mute switch on the back, with a power port and a USB port. Why a USB port? To charge your phone at night.

This way you don’t lose a precious socket behind the bedside table to your phone charger. It should be noted however that this is not a particularly fast charger, so you can always keep the standard plug of your mobile device handy. However, it’s useful if you just want to charge a phone, tablet, or e-reader while you’re in bed. We can never say it enough: there are always missing outlets in a bedroom, and more precisely near the headboard! Why a USB port? To charge your phone at night.

The smart clock does nothing that a Google Home Mini can’t do, but it’s a much better bedside companion. Lenovo has carefully thought through how you will use the Smart Clock to emphasize features that are not as important on other smart speakers. For example, if your Wi-Fi turns off, it will always display the clock rather than an error screen.

The Lenovo Smart Clock is a great smart speaker, mainly because it doesn’t try to be a device that does it all. However, it should be borne in mind that its screen is essentially there to display the time and some data from Google Assistant, and that it should not be asked for more, which can create some frustration. Maybe new features will be available later via updates, but nothing indicates for the moment.