Apple seems ready to release the iPhone 9 at any cost, given the current pandemic. He might also make his announcement on April 15. In any event, that’s what American leaker Jon Prosser wants. Jon Prosser – again – announces in a tweet that as early as April 15, Apple can plan to present its iPhone 9. Information which the analyst and videographer will obtain from the company’s internal source.

iPhone 9

Close date, but still uncertain

Again, this is information that big tweezers need to take. Prosser suggests that earlier this week, Apple held an internal meeting to discuss a coming release of the latest iPhone model. The iPhone 9 will be released on April 15 and go on sale from the 22nd, according to the leaker. The media chosen for the announcement remains undecided.It is speculated that we might be entitled to an online presentation but it is more likely that a basic press release would be chosen by the Cupertino company. A option that was made for the new iPad Pro on March 18.

Jon Prosser adds that Apple obtained iMacs from cloistered workers at home for help with the launch. They will be trained remotely and expected to collaborate during sales, as well as to provide technical support online. Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman also relayed details.

Keep in mind that something can always change, even though the date seems near. Yes, the latest pandemic could disrupt the Californian firm’s agenda.