The catalog of Riviera & Bar electric planchas is already extensive, but two new ones will soon be added to it: the Plancha Power Zone QPL 355 and the Plancha Gril Power Zone QPL 370. These two models have similar technical characteristics; the difference is at the level of the plate, completely smooth for the first, and having a wavy part acting as a grill for the second. However, in either case, the cooking area reaches 1,100 cm² (55 cm long by 20 cm deep).

The electrical power of the two devices is 1600 W for normal cooking. But the novelty, which also gives its name to the two models, lies in the Power Zone, located to the left of the plate. You can occasionally increase the power to 1,900 W to have a surface more suitable for cooking very thick pieces of meat. Note that a raised disc indicates the location of the Power Zone on the QPL 355.

Apart from this novelty, the Plancha Power Zone QPL 355 and the Plancha Gril Power Zone QPL 370 remain very classic devices. The hob is made of cast aluminum, a material already adopted on many other products of this type. The manufacturer has also tilted the cooking surface to redirect the fat to a collecting tank, easy to remove (to empty and clean it) since it is located on the front. To cook their meats to perfection (but also their fish, prawns or vegetables), the barbecue chefs have four temperature settings, as well as a keeping warm function for those who have not yet arrived at the table .

The Plancha Power Zone QPL 355 and Plancha Gril are already available. You have to get rid of € 90 to acquire the first, and € 100 for the second.