With its latest line of EcoTank inkjet printers, Epson is seeking to rewrite the history of printers. Instead of using regularly (and expensively) replaced small, prefilled ink cartridges, Epson ‘s new printers use permanent tanks in which large quantities of ink are poured. If you run out of ink instead of buying and snapping into new ink cartridges, you’ll simply pour in more.

The Epson EcoTank ET-3750 is a color multifunction inkjet printer that does not use traditional cartridges, but ink tanks. This allows him to advertise a ridiculously low cost per page.

The Epson EcoTank ET-3750 is a color printer without cartridges. It is almost identical to the ET-3700 tested by us, but is distinguished by its automatic document feeder with a capacity of 30 pages.

Document feeder requires, the EcoTank ET-3750 is higher than the ET-3700, with 23.1 cm against 18.7 cm. However, it remains fairly compact thanks to a contained width of 37.5 cm and a depth of 34.7 cm.

For the rest, it is identical in all respects to the EcoTank ET-3700 and retains its main quality: its very low cost per page. Thus, color prints cost only 0.6 euro cents (€ 0.006) of ink per page and 0.2 cents (€ 0.002) for monochrome prints. This therefore makes it a printer suitable for the most intensive uses, especially since its printing speeds are very fast (up to 19 pages per minute printed in monochrome and 12 pages per minute in color). Unfortunately, its print quality is a bit disappointing for graphics and photos.

Like the Epson EcoTank ET-3700 that we tested, the Epson EcoTank ET-3750, equipped with an automatic document feeder in addition, ranks as one of the best multifunction printers on the market, thanks to at its high printing speeds and its very low cost per page. We regret, however, that its print quality is not flawless, especially in photos.



  • Exceptionally low cost per page (€ 0.006).
  • Compact and well finished printer.
  • Good print speeds.


  • Too much noise pollution.
  • Slightly disappointing print quality.