Amazon is collapsing on orders as a result of the Coronavirus health crisis. Consequently, the company has decided to favor so called “essential” orders, without specifying how the products are selected.

To cope with the influx of orders due to the containment against the Covid-19 , Amazon decided to drastically limit the number of orders in France and Italy. The company will therefore prioritize orders for ” the most important products, such as  medical equipment or other whose demand is increasing “, without further details. Amazon still indicates that the scope of products concerned will be constantly reassessed.

This decision is more worrying for third-party sellers as Amazon has told them that orders for “less essential” products will no longer be accepted. The definition of such goods remains at the discretion of Amazon, once again. This decision is true for Amazon shipped goods located in warehouses within the company. Third party salespeople who ship their goods themselves are obviously not affected, but they are most often foreign-based sellers whose packages necessarily take longer to arrive.

In effect, this means that certain products from third-party vendors are simply no longer available for sale. For other products sold by Amazon (for example certain “less essential” toys), the delivery is longer than usual. It takes 7 to 10 days, but the products remain sold.

With this selection of orders, Amazon hopes to concentrate its resources and above all to comply as well as possible with the sanitary regulations in its warehouses. Recall that at least 200 employees of the company had exercised their right of withdrawal last week because of the lack of protective equipment essential for the safety of employees.