The Galaxy S8 Plus sports a large 6.2-inch screen instead of the 5.8-inch screen of the classic Galaxy S8. Always as efficient thanks to Super Amoled technology, this panel displays perfect blacks and high brightness which allow the smartphone to be used comfortably, even in direct sunlight. Almost without edges, this curved slab ensures one of the most beautiful designs on the market. On this point, the brand clearly widens the gap with the competition.

Power is of course there. The processor designed by Samsung allows you to run any sophisticated 3D game without any slowdown or jerks. This advantage combined with the large screen size makes the Galaxy S8 Plus the most attractive smartphone of the moment for hard-core gamers. The new interface has been simplified and also works very smoothly on Android 7.

Samsung still good in photos

The device is a little larger than the classic version, Samsung took the opportunity to add a more powerful battery to the Galaxy S8 Plus . The laboratory of thus measured an autonomy in versatile use of 13 hours, greater than the 12:16 hours provided by the version of 5.8 inches.

Highly anticipated on photo quality, Samsung also holds its rank there. Its 12-megapixel sensor is one of the best on the market, if not the best. It is particularly impressive in dark scenes where it captures a maximum of light. Most geeks will regret the absence of a dual sensor which would have made it possible to have an optical zoom equivalent like on the iPhone 7 Plus or a very wide angle like on the LG G6 .

The only real disappointment comes from the position of the fingerprint sensor. As the screen occupies almost the entire front, Samsung has chosen to place it on the back of the camera … next to the photo lens! It is therefore very difficult to reach and requires that you slide the phone into the palm of your hand each time to use it.
We prefer the facial recognition system to unlock the Galaxy S8 Plus, however less secure. Apart from this ergonomic defect, Samsung signs with its Galaxy S8 Plus a smartphone close to flawless.