At the end of 2019, the overall converged systems market remained stable compared to 2018. This is explained by a sharp drop in revenues from certified reference systems and integrated infrastructures, offset by a sharp increase in sales of hyperconverged systems.

Will be the last digit growth released by IDC for the market for converged systems ? For the last quarter of 2019, the revenue from this sector have increased by 1.1 % compared to the same period in 2018 to $ 4.2 billion usd. The research firm cut the market into three segments : the reference systems are certified and integrated infrastructure ; the integrated platforms ; systems and hyperconverés. The segment of the reference systems are certified and integrated infrastructure has generated nearly 1.3 billion usd of sales during the fourth quarter, a third of the total income of the market for converged systems. These figures are down 18.5% compared to the previous year. For its part, the segment of integrated platforms has stagnated, with growth of 0.1%, generating$ 620 Million of turnover (14.8 % of the total).

Finally, the systems hyperconvergés have experienced a growth of 17.2% during the fourth quarter and totaled and 2.3 billion$ of billings, which is more than half of those of the market.

“Sales of systems hyperconvergés remained robust during the fourth quarter and resulted in an overall growth of the market of systems converging in spite of the annual decline of other types of products,” says Greg Macatee, analyst, Platforms and technology infrastructure at IDC. The firm offers two ways to classify the technology providers on the market, systems hyperconvergés : the mark of the solution hyperconvergée or by the owner of the software providing the capabilities hyperconvergées base.

Dell Group in the lead

Side brands, it is Dell Technologies that has sold the most systems hyperconvergés the end of 2019, with 760 Million$ of income, and a market share of 33.3%. Nutanix is the second of the podium, generating 312,9 M$ of revenue in hardware, or 13.7% of the overall market. IDC place finally tied on the third step Cisco ($138m), Lenovo (121.8 M$) and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (115.5 Million$). They account for respectively 6%, 5.3% and 5.1% of market share.

From the point of view of the ownership of the software, the ranking remains the same. VMware (Dell group) won 41.1 per cent market share, with 938 M$ turnover. The software Nutanix follow with 616,4 M$ of revenue in the fourth quarter, or 27% of the total market. Cisco coming close to the podium with 138 M$ (in growth of 84.1%) and 6% of the shares.