It’s the game of the moment on Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing: New Horizons is already enchanting thousands of players, young and old. Those who do not yet have a Switch will be delighted to learn that Boulanger is offering it on sale at 225 € with this game .

In these times of confinement, it is difficult to get some air. So to at least air your head, nothing like a good game of video games, especially when it comes to immersing yourself in a world as colorful and benevolent as that of Animal Crossing: New Horizons . This one being only available on Switch consoles, this leaves no other choice for those who have not yet fallen for the Nintendo console than to go looking for it in online stores.

This is good, since Boulanger offers the console in its Lite version – that is to say, purely portable – with the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons , at the promotional price of € 224.99 , the equivalent of a twenty euros discount compared to the price usually charged by most web marketers (200 € the console, 46 € the game).

Its advantages

  • The most powerful portable console of the moment.
  • A rich and varied catalog of games.

What could hold you back

It is impossible to connect the Switch Lite to a TV, unlike the classic Switch . So do not plan to use it to play together on the same screen. If you have children and they have to share the console, it is better to opt for the normal version of the Switch, which will give them access to other games that we recommend elsewhere in our guide to buying the best games. for children .