In a post-Switch world, the New Nintendo 2DS XL might feel unnecessary, but there’s no denying that its huge back-catalog of classic games will keep the updated handheld relevant for the foreseeable future. It has a hugely enticing price point for beginners as well.

New Nintendo 2DS XL is certainly no longer very young, but it is still relevant. Today, Fnac offers it at a rate of € 100 . This is the white and orange version. Note that this model does not offer 3D, which is not a big loss, the technology having rather badly aged and quickly tiring the eyes. Finally, if the releases of new games are becoming increasingly rare, the console has a very rich game library.

The original New Nintendo 2DS XL had something of a divisive design, with its flat, wedge-like shape placed on a single , non-foldable plane by both screens of the system. The best way to see if you liked what Nintendo was trying to do was to get your own hands on it, with many considering it to be quite a nice piece of equipment.

Its advantages

  • May be suitable for all ages
  • A huge toy library
  • The New 2DS XL, a very successful version of the console

What could hold you back

As we said, few games are still released on the 3DS. Nintendo has been putting its Switch on since 2017, which is also portable. It is a more modern console, but also more expensive, which represents the future of Nintendo for the moment.