To prepare for teleworking, companies have rushed to the equipment dedicated to the workstation of which many categories have grown by more than 40%, 50% and even 100%.

Figures published by Context show that companies did not wait until the start of confinement (17 March at 12: 00) to prepare for massive teleworking. During the week of March 2, IT wholesalers recorded impressive sales increases in value on 15 categories of products adapted to the situation. This was the case for Tablet PC purchases (+47% compared to the same week in 2019), desktop PCs (+38%) and workstations (+21%). Display devices were also in high demand (+48% for large screens). On the other hand, we cannot talk about a rush to the docking stations (+10%).

Printing also benefited from the implementation of business continuity strategies. On the hardware side, Context saw a 48% increase in sales of large format printers, and a +19% growth in inkjet multifunction spending. Closely linked to the acquisition of this equipment, purchases of ink cartridges and tanks jumped 33%, compared to +19% for toners.

The family of software has not been left behind, as shown by the rise of 65% of network administration software sales. Next came operating systems (+51%) and security software (+50%). We should also mention the increase in revenue from investments in virtualization software (+12%) and software dedicated to graphics and design (+12%).

+ 104% for headphones and earphones

Finally, the top category of the week of March 2 was headphones, headphones and microphones (+104%). Obviously, videoconferencing was in everyone’s mind at the time of equipping.

In the light of these figures, one might think that the Covid-19 health crisis is an opportunity for IT wholesalers and, therefore, their reseller customers. This is not the case. The demand for workstation-related equipment has experienced a peak which will not be repeated a priori. And at the same time, sales of other solutions, including equipment dedicated to infrastructure, have already begun to blame.