This duel pits two robot vacuums from the same range. On the one hand, the essential Roborock S50 which has democratized and made credible the product category; on the other, the most recent Roborock S6 which provides some improvements.

Convenience of use: Equality

The robot vacuums Roborock S50 and the Roborock S6 are designed on the same mold. They opt for a particularly rounded shape and are both equipped with a laser rangefinder on their hood, like the Neatos . Because of this, the two devices are 9.65 cm high, and they will have a hard time cleaning under certain low furniture.

The color of their shell differs: that of the Roborock S6 is gray and catches dust a little more than the white coating of the Roborock S50.

The three buttons that make up the control panel do not have the same appearance, but offer the same functions: start or stop the suction, return to the charging station and targeted cleaning.


The two robots are controlled by the Mi Home application. This offers basic functions such as weekly programming of cleaning cycles, remote launching of the device, targeted cleaning or on a particular area. At the end of each pass, the application has a very precise map of the surface cleaned by the robots.

Robot vacuums provide a real-time map of their circulation during the cleaning cycle. At the end of each pass, the user can access the cleaning summary which lists the cycle time, the surface cleaned and the remaining autonomy. The history allows in particular to see the places privileged or abandoned by the robot. These devices allow the creation of cleaning zones: it is enough to draw rectangles within a map for the robot to go directly to vacuum the targeted zone. The little extra that does not spoil anything: we can multiply the areas to be cleaned during the same cleaning cycle.

Finally, these two robot vacuums being hybrid, they carry wipes and a water tank which allow them to perform a cleaning function, as a mop would do. In either case, this functionality is “incidental”: it is used above all to remove small, stubborn dust encrusted in the ground.