It is a good plan that will allow you to renew your PC peripherals for a low price. Rue du Commerce markets a Corsair pack including a keyboard, a mouse and its mat, as well as a helmet for a total of € 100.

The pack thus integrates the K55 RGB membrane keyboard, the HS50 helmet tested by us , as well as the Harpoon RGB mouse , which has also been used in our labs. Everything is accompanied by the MM100 fabric mouse pad. In short, a very interesting pack at this price.

What could hold you back

This pack includes entry-level products that may not be suitable for the most demanding. For example, the K55 is a membrane keyboard poorly suited to gaming. It does not bring the same sensations as a mechanical keyboard. These are more expensive, but it is possible to find affordable ones, like the HyperX Alloy FPS .