Tired of being in front of your screen watching Netflix, playing the console or telecommuting? And if you opt for the audio book? All you need is a connection and adequate support, as the audio book file is standard.

Here it is, official: we have passed into total confinement or almost, outings for health reasons or food shopping being authorized for the time being, provided that you present your certificate. Excluding teleworking, time may seem – very – long once the last Netflix series, the latest fashionable video game, the umpteenth part of Uno, are completed…

As for books, unless you have a digital reader , you risk reading and re-reading War and Peace . This may be an opportunity for you to test and adopt the audio book, a moment of appeasement for the mind. And best of all, your eyes will say thank you.

The advantage of the audio book lies in its standard format which makes it compatible with any medium allowing audio playback: mobile app, smartphone, tablet, PC, MP3 player, car radio, USB key, hard drive … Aside from the fact that ‘it is much lighter than a paper book, the audio book allows you to practice other activities while listening. There is no age for that: young, old, sighted, blind, knowing how to read or not. Finally, the audio book transports you to another universe thanks to the human voice of the narrator – if not a synthesized monotone voice also proposed.

Amazon Audible and Rakuten Kobo, the beautiful speakers

Of course, it is impossible not to mention the two largest providers of audio books that are Audible (Amazon), with nearly 400,000 titles, and Rakuten Kobo , with more than 100,000 titles, including 8,000 in French. Note that they regularly offer trial offers with a first free audio book accompanied by a subscription (without obligation) at € 9.95 for an audio book / month at Amazon Audible , or even two for subscribers to Amazon Prime , and € 9.99 with the same conditions for Rakuten Kobo.

About Kobo, note the new service called Kobo Originals, “a new collection of narrative audio books combining a main voice, that of the author, voice overs and an ambient sound environment” , according to Agnès Panquiault, director of catalog development at Kobo.