Choosing a printer can be a real headache. Here are some keys to help you, as the new tank models shuffle the cards.

what is a multifunction printer?

It is a printer + a scanner to scan pages, all acting as a photocopier

multifunction printer

The scanner will be particularly useful for students to scan copies for return to PDF format. Scanning with a resolution of 200 dpi is more than enough. Make sure that the model in question has an entry for a USB key on the front, or at least an entry for an SD card, for more convenience.
Note that recent models can be controlled from a computer as well as from a tablet or phone; it’s a very practical plus!

3 types of printers: inkjet cartridges, laser, inkjet tanks


From 30 to 200 €, inkjet printers with cartridges

Inkjet cartridge printers were the most common in the past. They are economical to buy, expensive to use. Cartridges commonly have run times of 100 to 500 pages. They are expensive, run out quickly, and even on their own, as they have to start automatic cleaning cycles so as not to clog up and get blocked.
For who ? For those who print very little, who just want troubleshooting.
Advantages The affordable purchase price, the versatility since you can print both photos (on suitable paper) and office pages.
Disadvantages The speed at which ink cartridges run out at a very high purchase cost.

From 100 to 500 €, consumer laser printers

Laser printers are more expensive to buy, but toners (we do not say cartridge in the case of the laser) display autonomy of 700 to 2,500 pages. Printing is much cheaper than with an inkjet model, and you can often reduce the cost of use by opting for compatible toners instead of the original ones. The print quality may be slightly affected, but that’s fine.
For who ? For those who have regular office (but not photographic) printing needs and want fast output.
Advantages The unequaled quality of office printing, the autonomy of toners, the reduced cost per page.
Disadvantages No photo prints, noisy, secondary consumables to manage after a time: the oven (or fusion kit; note), the belt, etc.

From 150 to 800 €, inkjet printers with tanks

The inkjet printers with tanks are the revolution of recent years. These are printers that you fill like a car at the pump. We pour ink cans which cost almost nothing to buy. Already, they come with – according to Canon and Epson who produce them – enough to hold two years of regular prints! And after this period, there are subscriptions like that of Epson at 40 €, which offers on request additional ink delivered free, unlimited, and for two years!
For who ? For those who can no longer manage consumables and hidden costs.
Benefits Better cost management, you pay for the printer and paper. Point.
Disadvantages The purchase price, the print engines much slower than those of laser printers, the basic ergonomics of the first products launched.

3 recommended models printer

If the Lexmark MC3224adwe had everything to suit the most intensive uses thanks to its good print speeds, it was not to mention its high cost per page that spoils the party. The latter, which does not fit into the final mark of the Lexmark MC3224adwe, makes investing in a Canon G7050 more interesting from 1,500 pages printed in color. Beyond that, the inkjet printer without cartridges will cost you much less thanks to its included ink and its cost per page almost 30 times lower than that of the Lexmark. What to think about giving up the advantages of a laser printer.

the Epson EcoTank ET-2756 is one of the best multifunction printers on the market, thanks to its high print speeds and very low cost per page. reduced. We regret however its screen really too small and the fact that its print quality is not flawless, especially in photo.