While we expected rather the announcement of the new iPhone SE 2, Apple takes everyone by surprise and unveils its new iPad Pro 2020. An updated version that tends to blur the border between the PC and the tablet even more.

No keynote? No problem, that doesn’t prevent Apple from surprisingly unveiling its brand new iPad Pro 2020. An announcement that probably comes after the many leaks that have surfed the Internet in recent months, the most recent of which was this morning (March 18, 2020).

Apple thinks photo and augmented reality…

The very first rumors indeed reported a new iPad Pro 2020 with three sensors, as on the most recent iPhone models. They hit the nail on the head, because this is the case with this new version. Finally, almost … The Apple tablet offers two photo sensors on the back, as well as a Time of Flight sensor (called LiDAR scanner by the brand). The main module is 12 megapixels and the second is an ultra wide-angle module of 10 megapixels. As we wrote above, the third sensor is a ToF which will be used mainly for augmented reality (AR), an area on which Apple has been working a lot for two to three years.

Gadget for some, the functionality can become really interesting when the developers bet on it and know how to offer content that is worth it. For now, AR is mainly used on a few apps, such as Apple Measurements, which allow you to measure distances by hand. We can also cite the Ikea app which uses AR so that we can place furniture at home before going to buy it in the shop or place an order.

iPad Pro 2020
One of the possible uses of augmented reality with the ToF sensor of this new iPad Pro. @ Apple

.. and really wants to make you forget your computer

When the first iPad Pro was born, Apple made no secret that its ultimate goal was to supplant the PC. A desire that was confirmed a second time with the announcement in June 2019 of iPadOS, the operating system entirely dedicated to the tablet. With this new version of the iPad Pro, the Cupertino company shows that it has thought of its product as being more than a simple tablet that will only be used occasionally, or for drawing thanks to the Apple Pencil. Moreover, in its communication, the brand makes it clear: “Your next computer is not a computer.”

For this, the firm offers a new chip to its product. No A13 as logic would have wanted, but an A12Z chip that we imagine to be the evolution of the A12X Bionic and which should deliver performance at least as good as on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, or better . But that’s not all Apple offers a new keyboard with its tablet. Information which is not really a surprise, since we had mentioned it recently .

The new iPad Pro 2020 is therefore entitled to its own Magic Keyboard – for € 339 or € 399! It has the particularity of integrating a trackpad, because yes, the update of iOS 13.4 comes to bring compatibility with mice and touchpads. Also, the expensive accessory allows you to magnetically place your iPad to enjoy an ersatz PC which, once unfolded, looks somewhat like an iMac. Note that the keyboard has a USB-C port to charge the tablet.

For the rest, nothing changes. The iPad Pro 2020 maintains the same design and is still available in two sizes (11 inches and 12.9 inches). The weight is practically the same and the tablet is still under the 500 g mark for its first version. The Apple Pencil also does not change, it is still the version unveiled in 2018. For the panel, you can count on the return of the refresh rate to 120 Hz.

In short, this is a big update that just blurs the border between tablet and computer. The prices range from € 899 (11 inch version, 128 GB, Wi-Fi) to € 1,899 (12.9 inch version, 1 TB, WiFi + 4G). Prices to which must be added the Apple Pencil at 135 €, as well as the Magic Keyboard at 339 € (or 399 €) to benefit from the complete office automation. The Apple Store is already open for sale .