ESET recently spotted a fake Covid-19 epidemic tracking Android application that, once installed on a smartphone, locks it down and demands a ransom from the user. We must therefore be increasingly vigilant.

Do cybercriminals demonstrate ethics? Not really, as evidenced by the contextualization of attacks that affect our sensitive fiber or the news. On Android application has recently been noted negatively: it is a ransomware disguised as an app for monitoring the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).

Called Coronavirus Tracker, this app mimics a map to follow the evolution of the epidemic, based on your geolocation, a function which obviously stirs the curiosity of the public around the world. Unfortunately, nothing goes as planned once the software is installed on your smartphone. It locks, displaying a frankly anxiety-provoking message and asking you to pay $ 250 to recover your data. Fortunately, the app has been studied by ESET, which indicates that users must enter the code 4865083501 to unlock the terminal.

An “explosion of phishing attempts”

As we reported yesterday in our Coronavirus article : cybercrime intends to take advantage of confinement , telework has led to an explosion in phishing attempts in France, according to Cybermalveillance.gouv. However, the terms coronavirus and Covid-19 have been linked to it frequently for several days now.

The authorities suggest not to download Android application from official platforms and to inquire about the reliability of a site before accessing it. There is also mistrust regarding online donations, the GIP ACYMA expecting the emergence of false campaigns relating to the epidemic.