Nowadays, some people will probably spend a lot of time in front of their screen playing PC games. With this in mind, the HP 27xq monitor with its TN 144 Hz Quad HD panel goes below the € 200 mark at Fnac .

The HP 27xq monitor is currently displayed at 199 € at Fnac and Darty, two brands which still maintain mail-order sales. It is a good price for this 27-inch monitor displaying a Quad HD definition and capable of reaching a refresh rate of 144 Hz. The only downside is its TN panel which produces fairly low contrast and very narrow viewing angles.

HP 27xq monitor strong point

It is a 27 inch Quad HD monitor that can reach a frequency of 144 Hz and FreeSync compatible, which avoids the phenomenon of tearing of the image ( tearing ) and micro-jerks ( stuttering ). It is very rare at less than 200 €. However, it is equipped with a TN panel which lacks contrast and suffers from low viewing angles.

Its other strengths

  • Definition Quad HD
  • 144 Hz panel
  • FreeSync compatibility
  • Good ergonomics
  • Top performance

What could hold you back

  • Limited contrast
  • Perfectible calibration
  • Anemic connectivity
  • No cable routing system
  • Closed viewing angles

HP 27xq monitor alternative

Although sold for 40 € more and displaying a definition “only” Full HD, the AOC 27G2U monitor is an excellent alternative thanks to its very reactive IPS panel which benefits from good contrast and open viewing angles. Remember that to run a game in Quad HD at 144 Hz, you need a very powerful graphics card. The AOC 27G2U monitor in Full HD only is a little less greedy in raw power.