The Multicooker Moulinex Cookeo is a true market star. The home planning star for everything grows by winning a touch screen in colour. Which makes it even smarter and more intuitive. The Cookeo Touch is also available in a connected version of Cookeo Touch Wifi, which is even more rich in recipes and functions.

Moulinex Cookeo Touch Wi-Fi

The new Moulinex Cookeo Touch Wi-Fi multicooker is in the lab. This new generation marks a real break with its predecessors and has won us over in many aspects.

The latest improvement, and by far the most striking, is integrated into the Cookeo Touch Wi-Fi version which inaugurates a large 4.3 inch touch screen.

A feature-rich application

Such application functions can be used even if the model that is connected to Cookeo Touch Wifi is not usable. For starters, we can use it as a source of inspiration in manual mode to make certain recettes. The very realistic shopping list can be used, too. The list of ingredients is automatically generated, depending on the recipe chosen; it is enough to exclude those that we already have in stock.

The application offers even more functionality for the linked version: the ability to create a recipe book, or exchange suggestions and feedback with the user community. Cooking can be remotely controlled on a smartphone or laptop. Even if exposure to a large number of recettes remains the most interesting.

The touch screen will necessarily facilitate the guided cooking highlighted on this slab. In addition to the 250 recipes made available on the device, the user will be able to access 2,500 Moulinex recipes and those from the community. In addition, 13 cooking programs allow for a wide variety of recipes.