Melitta  adds two new automatic coffee makers with grinder to its catalog. The Purista and Avanza models play the compact card and open the range.

It is not one, but two automatic coffee makers with a grinder that Melitta recently added to its catalog. The Purista and Avanza references open the range of “full auto” machines. They rely above all on compact dimensions (20 cm wide) to meet the needs of urban people in search of space. A little more imposing than the Scott Slimissimo, these two machines should easily find their place on a work surface. In addition, they have similar characteristics, starting with the Melitta extraction system, called AES, which consists of prehumidifying coffee as a filter coffee maker would. This process is supposed to deliver a “maximum of aromas”, but it’s a safe bet that this has an impact on the preparation time of a coffee. Data that we will not fail to check at the lab.

Despite the limited space of these coffee makers, they are adorned with a fairly comfortable 1.5 l water tank and a bean tank with a total capacity of 250 g. The grinding setting now goes from 3 (for previous Melitta machines) to 5 in order to benefit from more or less refined grinding. Coffee lovers will undoubtedly appreciate this new function, when decaffeinated consumers will have to go their way for lack of a hatch for ground coffee unavailable on these two models of coffee makers. The intensity level of the coffee is adjustable on three levels. Same, three coffee sizes are available (ristretto, espresso and long coffee), and it is also possible to pour two coffees simultaneously thanks to the two dispensing nozzles.

On the maintenance side, finally, these two models provide automatic descaling and give access to the extraction chamber in order to carry out a thorough cleaning, which is a good thing, knowing that certain high-end machines (especially at Krups and Jura) do not provide this function.

Finally, the only difference between these two devices is the steam nozzle on board the Avanza model (which is used in particular to create a milk froth), which the Purista dispenses with.

These two machines are already available: the Purista is launched at a price of € 379 and the Avanza at € 499. We should soon welcome them to the lab.