The publisher leak continues on the GeForce Now streaming service. This time, 2K Games chooses to withdraw its games from service. In return, Epic Games announces its arrival on the platform.

GeForce Now still loses a large publisher. Released for a month, the service of Nvidia now sees the titles of 2K Games, namely Civilization VI , the Borderlands or the Bioshock . The decision was announced in a concise statement from Nvidia , which did not give a specific reason for the departure. The firm just indicates that it was the publisher who made the withdrawal and that solutions were going to be found to quickly return the games to the service.

Brain drain

2K Games is not the first to make this decision. Since its launch, Nvidia has already seen Activision Blizzard , as well as Bethesda , and therefore all of their titles. A new loss for GeForce Now which continues to see its catalog shrinking over the days.

Difficult to see there anything other than a deal of agreements and big money. In the case of Activision, Nvidia had raised a misunderstanding between the two parties , the contract stipulating that the games would only be available online for the duration of the beta. It should be noted that the games on GeForce Now are not really specific to the service, which simply allows you to stream from third-party catalogs like Steam.

Departures and arrivals

It is in this difficult context that the service will see a guest of choice arrive in its catalog: Epic Games. Tim Sweeney, the founder of the studio, said he would support GeForce Now with his games, including the ultra popular Fortnite , but also the games on the Epic Games Store who chose to participate in the project.

A final point that echoes the game The Long Dark , which was removed from GeForce Now under pressure from its creator, who did not give the green light for a port of the game on the streaming platform.

If the launch of Nvidia GeForce Now looks like a way of the cross for the moment, it is still impossible to assess the profitability of this launch. The real test will take place when users have completed their three-month trial period, deciding whether or not to stay. It should also be borne in mind that other companies, which do not offer exactly the same offer, but also operate on streaming, can take advantage of a failure of Nvidia.