At a time when everyone is gradually becoming aware of not over-exploitingthe engineers at Blix, a blender with a disposable bowl, do not seem really concerned by these peccadilloes.

The inventor of the coffee capsule, John Sylvan, already regretted in 2015 for having contributed to the creation of these ecological aberrations. This does not prevent other inventors from following in their footsteps and also offering food preparation devices operating using doses of single ingredients. Evidenced by Blix, a blender that works with this type of consumables, a device that can very easily do without this feature.

In fact, the idea is very simple. After buying the Xi Machine ($ 199 anyway), you must pay a subscription to receive Blix Cups, the famous capsules the size of a cup of 50 cl approximately. Then, we insert the Blix Cup into the Xi Machine which will launch a suitable mixing thanks to the RFID chip contained in the single-use container, after the user has closed the valve and pressed the button, located at the bottom right .

The icing on the smoothie, each Blix Cup has its own “blade” (plastic, of course) specially designed for the drink to be made, the manufacturer promises. Obviously, at the end of the tasting, we throw away the Blix Cup and its knife. Phew! Everything is recyclable, promises Blix.

According to the manufacturer, this method further facilitates the use of a blender by avoiding the user the chore of preparing his drink and the cleaning that follows, since it suffices to pour water.But when it comes to the Xi Machine and the Blix Cups, we don’t see any. In addition to the environmental cost of this consumption model, users of this product should expect to see their “smoothie” budget explode. Indeed, with the basic subscription, a Blix Cup costs $ 7.50, which is still expensive for a quantity of drink for one person.

Finally, the only interest of the Xi Machine and the Blix Cups is for the designer. Instead of selling a device only once, it continues to reap profits throughout its lifetime, since there is no way to use it without the consumables produced by the parent company.