Very discreetly, while all its stores are closed, Apple announces minor revisions for its Macbook Air, its Mac Mini and its iPad Pro.

Attacked for several months by users as for the life of its “butterfly” keyboards on its USB-C laptops, Apple continues the renewal of its machines by equipping them with the Magic Keyboard inaugurated by the Macbook Pro 16. It is therefore the Air 13.3 inch model with Retina panel which accommodates this keyboard before the 13 inch Macbook Pro. For the occasion, the firm starts the price of the Macbook Air at 998 € HT with 256 GB of flash storage (against 128 GB previously) with an Intel Core i3 dual-core 1.1 GHz (i5 quad-core 1.1 GHz and i7 at 1.2 GHz optional). The Mac Mini also doubles its flash storage from 256 to 512 GB (€ 1,065 excl.

Finally, Apple is launching 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro (Retina panel) powered by its A12Z chip (8 cores) and equipped with a photo sensor with Lidar on the back. But the real novelty may be the arrival of a Magic Keyboard – with a trackpad – which is magnetically attached to the back of the iPad: “a floating design with a smooth adjustment of the angle” according to Apple. “Unique cantilever hinges” allow it to adjust up to 130 degrees. Backlit, this keyboard uses a scissor mechanism with a stroke of 1 mm. Finally, we forgot to mention the mouse support on iPads (since iOS13), as a reader told us in the comments. Apple is still trying to convince users that they can do a lot more with their tablet in a professional setting, and not just check emails and watch videos.

For the prices of iPad Pro, count 734 € HT for the 11 inch and 918 € HT for 12.9 inch model with WiFi and 128 GB of flash. The Magic Keyboard is of course optional – just like the Pencil stylus invoiced 112.50 € HT- and you will have to pay 299 € HT for the 11-inch iPad Pro and 349 € HT for the 12.9 inch. Or a very attractive price that brings them very close to the Macbook Air. And to choose, we still do a lot more things every day with a real laptop.