If the Galaxy S20+ and its “compact” format seem too small, Samsung has thought of you and offers the Galaxy S20 +. In the program, an almost identical technical sheet, except for the presence of a larger screen, 6.7 inches, and an enlarged battery (4,500 mAh) and welcome as the autonomy stands out as the only defect notable of the Galaxy S20. So it could be that we have in our hands a complete and convincing smartphone.

Ergonomics and design

The Galaxy S20 + has a design identical to the Galaxy S20 and a slightly different ergonomics. So we find the excellent finish of the high-end and compact model of Korean. The Gorilla Glass 6 back and the aluminum body look great, but have the misfortune to easily retain fingerprints. At the front, the 6.7-inch slab still occupies 92% of the front of the S20 +. In the center, the punch is easily forgotten, all ensuring a completely premium aesthetic.

Still, this Galaxy S20 + is impressive in hand. To accommodate its 6.7 inch slab, it has measurements of 16.19 cm in height and 7.37 cm in width. This gives an elongated 20: 9 format rather practical for handling the smartphone. The integration of many shortcuts designed by Samsung makes navigation much easier, but it should be noted that two hands are necessary for most uses. The side buttons, positioned on the right edge, are certainly a little high, but fall quite well under the finger. The fingerprint sensor placed under the screen proves to be reactive.

With two nanoSIM ports, the Galaxy S20 + is also compatible with eSIM. A feature little used in France, but very practical abroad. It has 128 GB of internal memory, of which 19.7 GB are immediately used by the operating system and applications preinstalled by Samsung. Finally, as a high-end product, the Galaxy S20 + is IP68 certified (water resistance up to 1.50 m deep for 30 min).


The Galaxy S20 + is delivered with a Dynamic Oled panel manufactured by Samsung of the most beautiful effect. With its diagonal of 6.7 inches at 20: 9 ratio, the screen displays by default in FHD + (2400 x 1080 px) for a resolution of 392 ppi. It is however possible, thanks to the OneUI 2.0 interface, to switch to WQHD + (3,200 x 1,440 px, 523 ppi) or HD + (1,600 x 720 px, 261 ppi). A choice of definition which has an impact on the energy consumption of the smartphone. Note that the 120 Hz mode allowed by the S20 + screen is not available in the highest definition (WQHD +).

The readability of the Galaxy S20 + screen is no problem. Despite a high reflectance (50.6%), the maximum brightness of the panel climbs to 947 cd / m². This keeps the display comfortable even in direct sunlight. Able to go down to 1.7 cd / m², the minimum brightness does not pose any concern in the most total darkness either. Finally, its remanence is zero (0 ms) thanks to the Oled and its tactile delay stabilizes at 56 ms in 120 Hz. Enough to make it a bright, well calibrated and reactive panel.


Performances Galaxy S20 +

The Galaxy S20 + has the latest generation Samsung chip, the Exynos 990, along with 12 GB of RAM. This paraphernalia offers performance close to that of the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Ultra, equipped almost identically. Enough to see once again that Exynos chips remain less relevant than those produced by Qualcomm or HiSilicon. And for good reason, the Galaxy S20 + is far from the most powerful smartphones on the market, such as the Pixel (index of 106.48) or the Mate 30 Pro (index of 104.77). Without surprise.


The S20 + has the same photo equipment as its little brother, the Galaxy S20. The only difference is the presence of a ToF sensor which allows the bokeh (background blur) to be refined in portrait mode. So we find a triple module on the back of the mobile:

  • Wide-angle sensor: 12 megapixel sensor, 26 mm equivalent stabilized lens opening at f / 1.7.
  • Ultra wide-angle sensor: 12 megapixel sensor, equivalent 13 mm lens opening at f / 2.2.
  • Telephoto sensor: 64 megapixel sensor opening to f / 2 and digital zoom by cropping.

Main module

The main module of the Galaxy S20 + has a 12 MP sensor supported by an optic opening at f / 1.8, equ. 26 mm. This one gives rather convincing results by day. The sharpness is satisfactory, while the accentuation of the contrasts is controlled. The picture is displayed in a natural and pleasant way.

Autonomy of The Galaxy S20 +

With its 4,500 mAh accumulator, the Galaxy offers an autonomy bordering on five stars. Faced with our intensive house protocol, the mobile lasted 16 h 06 min. An honorable result which allows him to stay awake for a whole day in the face of moderate use. The most addicted may need to arm themselves with a charger after dark so as not to spend the evening without a connection. And that’s good, thanks to the 25 W charger supplied with the smartphone, it only takes 1 h 12 min to reinflate the S20 + battery. Convenient.

Interface and OS

The Samsung Galaxy S20 + comes with the OneUI 2.1 interface, based on Android 10. As of this writing, the security update for March 2020 is well installed. OneUI takes the navigation logic of Android in its main lines. Always On Display, Samsung Pay, Bixby … the whole Samsung experience is back. The side screen is also there to access a selection of applications by sliding your finger from the right edge of the screen to the center. A function that compensates for the size of the large screen. Similarly, the camera can be activated with a single double press of the lock button. Note that if Bixby is automatically activated by a long press on this same key, it is possible to.


Without too many surprises, the Galaxy  is positioned as the perfect compromise between a compact S20 and an oversized S20 Ultra . It is therefore a complete and pleasant smartphone to use, whatever the use requested. A good high-end, in short.