Tuesday, March 9, was held the first Pegasus ceremony which rewards video games in France. For this inauguration, it is the work of Asobo Studio, A Plague Tale , which won the prize for the best video game of 2019.

Video games now have their Caesars. The first Pegasus ceremony, organized by the SNJV, was held yesterday March 9 at the Théâtre de la Madeleine in Paris. The goal here was to encourage and reward French creation among 120 nominees, and it was the Bordeaux studio Asobo that shone. His game A Plague Tale , released last year, has collected six awards out of thirteen, including the prize for the best French video game of the year 2019. This third-person adventure game, whose decor is the great plague from the 14th century, particularly seduced thanks to its fair narration, its magnificent graphics and its endearing characters.

At Plague Tale. © Focus Home

Another Bordeaux studio also pulled out of the game: Motion Twin with Dead Cells which left with the statuette of the bestgame as service and the best mobile game. The prize for the best indie game was awarded to Night Call , a nocturnal investigation that puts the player in the shoes of a Parisian taxi.

As in the ceremonies dedicated to cinema, the Pegasus also rewarded foreign creations. The fantastic Outer Wilds is the winner of the best non-French indie game, while Metro Exodus obtains the prize for the best game. Note that Yves Guillemot, founder of Ubisoft, received a Pegasus of honor and that the personality of the year prize was awarded to Jehanne Rousseau, director of Spiders, behind the game Greedfall .

Despite a few moments of uncertainty, this first edition of the Pegasus was a success. It has indeed accomplished its mission of making people talk about video games in another way, but also of highlighting French creation.