Five minutes after getting out of a car driven by a driver for Uber, users will continue to be geo-located by the service. According to Le Figaro, the latest update, carried out on November 24, allows you to monitor the users during and after their trip, even when the app is in the background.

The displacement history already recorded

According to Uber, this feature has been added to check that the drivers put their clients in a safe place. But also to ensure that they are not released in the middle of a road. If the company justifies the update for security reasons, the users wonder. “Since a little more choice on the sharing of geolocation : never or all the time!”, asks a user on the App Store, another judge of the update is “unacceptable”.

The change was announced during the summer, reminds Numerama. At the time, the clauses of its privacy policy had been modified to allow the application to collect data on the displacement history.

A complaint filed in the United States

For Uber, it is above all to “improve the experience of our customers”, explains a spokesperson of the company at Techcrunch. “The geo-location of users of Uber is at the heart of this experience, therefore we ask them to share more data to achieve these objectives,” continues the spokesperson.

But the update hasn’t pleased everyone: the Electronic Privacy Information Center, center of life and private digital american, filed a complaint against Uber. It considers the commercial practice “unlawful and misleading”.