Lenovo doesn’t go into too much detail about the exact specifications of its future Thinkpad notebook range, but it looks like some versions will be available with AMD’s latest Ryzen 4000 Mobile chip as an option.

Yesterday, Lenovo said that several of its upcoming Thinkpad notebooks will feature AMD’s Ryzen Pro 4000 Mobile processors. An important validation for the chip supplier. Lenovo’s two premium T series, and the X and L series will be offered with the Ryzen Pro 4000. So-called vPro versions of these models, thus intended for businesses, will also be available with Intel’s 10th generation Comet Lake chips. Originally, Lenovo was scheduled to launch these laptops at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which was cancelled due to coronavirus.

According to the Chinese, all these Thinkpads will offer WiFi 6 (802.11ax), regardless of the processor. All models will also be equipped with the Thinkshutter sliding shutter to hide the webcam. However, “PrivacyAlert, which uses the infrared camera to see if a third party is watching the screen, will be optional on ThinkPads equipped with an infrared camera,” Lenovo said.

Ryzen 4000 Pro for Thinkpads

Of course, the most interesting news is that these laptops can be equipped with AMD’s Ryzen Mobile 4000 processors. Based on the Zen 2 architecture, these were announced at the last CES in Las Vegas. It seems that Lenovo will use a “Pro” version of the chip, probably equivalent to Intel’s vPro architecture. Although our colleagues at PCWorld have not yet tested AMD’s latest Ryzen mobile chipset, they believe it should offer performance comparable to Intel’s 10th generation Core chipset.

Unfortunately, Lenovo has not specified how many Thinkpad models will run on AMD’s latest Ryzen mobile chip, instead of Intel’s 10th generation mobile chips. The basic technical data sheets provided by the Chinese manufacturer do not specify whether the Intel chips will be of the Ice Lake or Comet Lake type. Lenovo has yet to provide any information on names, clock speeds, or any other details regarding models with AMD Ryzen 4000 Mobile processors.

Here are the specifications provided by Lenovo: The most powerful T-series Thinkpads – the T14, T14s and T15 – will, it seems, be offered as an option either with Ryzen 4000 mobile chips or with 10th generation chips. ‘Intel. In terms of functionality, these laptops will offer Modern Standby, Wake on Voice, Dolby System speakers and brighter screens with optional Dolby Vision. Prices start at 849 dollars HT for the T14, 1,029 dollars HT for the T14s and 1,079 dollars HT for the T15. These portable machines will be available in the second quarter of 2020.

On the premium Thinkpad X13 and X13 Yoga models, users will be able to opt for a 500-nits screen with Privacyguard. Versions with 10th generation vPro processors and Ryzen Pro 4000 Mobile processor will be offered. The X13 and X13 Yoga will also be available in the second quarter, priced at $ 849 before tax and $ 1,099 before tax, respectively.

The more common L series (L14 and L15) will also be updated with 10th generation Intel Core or AMD Ryzen 4000 Mobile chips. Among the features highlighted by Lenovo are the unified communication keys with quick access on the L15 and L14, as well as Dolby Audio. The price of L series machines starts at $ 649 excl. The L13 and L13 Yoga models are part of this series, but Lenovo doesn’t say much about them except that these machines will be equipped with a 10th generation Intel vPro processor. Prices start at 679 dollars HT for the L13, and 799 dollars HT for the L13 Yoga.

We cannot yet compare AMD’s Ryzen 4000 mobile chips with Intel’s Core chips. But the integration of these chips into Lenovo machines suggests that they will be competitive.