The tragic Galaxy Note 7 story is one that we all know by now. Nonetheless, what we really don’t know, is why this phone failed (yes, we ‘re putting it here lightly). While this month Samsung will announce the real causes, a new report now indicates the battery may not have been the cause at all.

Beginning September 2016, Samsung has been forced to order the recall of 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 , certain of these smartphones have caught on fire unexpectedly. If the battery had first been called in question, it’s been several weeks that we whispered that this component may not be responsible. A information that has just confirmed J. K. Shin, co-CEO of the south Korean group.

“We are trying to know with any certainty if there have been problems on other items, he said at a meeting of shareholders at Seoul, reports AFP. It could be the batteryof Galaxy Note 7 , or something else. We are investigating all aspects of the device, whether it’s the battery, hardware, and software.”

At the same time, Samsung Europe announces the deployment from 31 October a software update to all Galaxy Note 7 still circulating on the Old Continent. This will constrain the ability to charge the battery to 60%, in a “concern for safety of consumers”. Except that, if the battery is not responsible for the cares of the latest smartphone from Samsung, this update will not protect really people that still have a Rating of 7.

The firm’s engineers in south korea have to this day not managed to reproduce the malfunction of the last-born of Samsung in their labs. Also had they, perhaps a little hastily, explained that the issue of the Notes 7 came of a defect of the battery manufactured by the company Samsung SDI. The builder had then decided to buy from another supplier, chinese ATL, to equip the “new” Galaxy Note 7. Unfortunately, some of these replacement units have, in turn, caught fire.