After having spent more than a year at the bottom of a lake, a iPhone 4 is “back to life”. The story begins in march 2015, when Michael Guntrum, a resident of Knox, Pennsylvania (united States), participates in a part of fishing under the ice.

A key is reacted a bit abruptly and his smartphone, then posed on her knees gliding to finish in the ice water. The temperature of -25 degrees, it was obviously not a question of plunging the hand into the hole to retrieve the iPhone. The fisherman returned home with a fish but without its smartphone.

Six months later, the lake is drained because of structural defects in the dam adjoining. Taking advantage of the bargain and treasure hunters of the cru set out to survey the background to the search for possible surprises. And it was in October last that the iPhone “surfaced”, thanks to one of these adventurers Sunday. Daniel Kalgren, it is his name, then goes through the bottom of the lake with a metal detector and finds, under 15 centimetres of mud and clay, the iPhone that had sunk. “I brought it home, cleaned and put in the rice, to see if it still worked,” explained the treasure-seeker to the site Buzzfeed. Miracle, the smartphone is back to life!


The man was able to retrieve the phone number of the angler who did first not believe what he was telling Daniel Kragen. It is only when this last took the wallpaper to the iPhone photo that it has recognized its device.

A spokesman of Apple said that this was not the first time he heard this kind of story. “The incredible stories that we tell our customers about the survival of their iPhone never ceases to amaze us.” A few years ago, an iPhone 4, – always him – had survived a fall of 4,100 meters. His owner was doing a parachute jump when the device has slipped out hands. And in January 2015, this is an iPhone 6 that had survived thanks to its reinforced hull after being dropped from the stratosphere (about 30 km above the sea level).

What is it that has allowed the “survival” of these smartphones? Surely their strength but also the fact that they were in a reinforced hull and/or watertight.