With cancellations of events in the series caused by the epidemic of Covid-19, rumours were rife about the fate of E3. It seems that it takes well and make a cross on this unmissable video game.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) saw the difficult hours. Shunned by Sony this year again, the event remains an important date for many video game professionals, but also for the general public that comes there to discover number of new features. The edition 2020 was all the more expected that we’re in a year of the launch of new consoles. Microsoft had decided to maintain its presence at the exhibition and hold an opening conference during which it was expected, of course, that the manufacturer unveils its new Xbox Series X. The E3 promised to be particularly attractive.

It will not be necessary to wait until 17: 30, and that the ESA officially announced the cancellation of the edition 2020 of the E3 on the website of the event.”An online experience in order to present the announcements and industry news in June 2020 is envisaged, says the ESA, which gives us already an appointment next year to unveil a “room redesigned, which brings together the fans, the media and the industry in a showcase that celebrates the global industry, the video game”. On the side of Microsoft, Phil Spencer, the head of the branch of Xbox, said on Twitter that an event that Xbox would be in line, without more details for the moment.

An announcement from the ESA to 17: 30

But it was without counting on the spread of the coronavirus, causing multiple cancellations or postponements of events, and that should also be because of the E3. This does, in fact, more doubt, the information spreading as quickly as the virus by the pen of journalists such as Jason Schreier, Mike Futter, or Patrick Klepek. A cancellation that has already been revealed to several developers and publishers. Reports at Ars Technica that seems to even confirm that the E3 2020 is well and truly cancelled. Three months to the holding of the exhibition, the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) is expected to announce its cancellation today at 17: 30 (9: 30 a.m. in Los Angeles), and specify if an alternative is considered.

To a living 100 % online ?

Already widely used, the broadcasting of lectures, streaming could eventually give up its place to a multitude of presentations pre-recorded and then broadcast on-line, to the image of the Nintendo Direct and emissions Inside Xbox. Publishers and console manufacturers to organize later, if they wish, other events of a smaller scale than the E3, as the provides for Sony to introduce the PlayStation 5 to the public and to journalists.

This cancellation is a blow to the ESA, which aimed to transform his living room in order to make it more attractive for brands as well as for the public. If the coronavirus force the hand to the different actors who were to participate, it could also show them that they are able to communicate by themselves, without passing by such appointment is seasonal ; at least for the publishers and manufacturers who have the means to put in place large-scale events.

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