The Youtubeur Marques Brownlee has ordered a Escobar Fold 2 and discovered that, under the gilded finish, hid… a Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Baron of the drug, women held small and light flip phone, the company Escobar Inc love the mixtures of genres… What does it matter, if a famous Youtubeur or a media reference wish to purchase the flagship smartphone of the new colombian brand, it is not impossible to receive really. It is Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD — which was launched first and has made some amazing discoveries about the mobile.

In the skin of a Galaxy Fold

He says he has ordered a copy of the Escobar Fold 1, a model that looks surprisingly like the Royole FlexPai, last December. Although having never received the product, the Youtubeur did not hesitate to re-offend in buying, this time, the Escobar Fold 2, the second smartphone from the fledgling company to the false air of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. He even ordered two copies : one under its famous name, the other more confidential.

The copy ordered in her name has finally arrived, the representatives of Escobar Inc feeding certainly hope that the geek has to be the praise of his phone in video. After receipt, Marques Brownlee has quickly scraped away the thin film of gold that covers the terminal and found that it is, indeed, a Galaxy Fold : the Samsung logo is always present and not the slightest change is visible on the mobile.

Do not buy especially !

We can already envision some will say that $ 400 $ (353 € approximately) for a Samsung Galaxy Fold is, to say the least tempting. If this idea crosses your mind, forget it ! Outside influencers, person does not receive the smartphone after its payment. The scam presents itself as a Ponzi scheme : the company promises to break the market, and collects money on the backs of consumers who would never recover the phone, and used them to send it to a few influencers supposed to say of the property of the said terminal.

Escobar Inc has even managed to convince Chris Hansen and Anna Anka — two celebrities a little ric-rac-side finance ? to enhance the Fold 2 in short videos, then they certainly have never held the phone in their hands. As expected, the project Escobar Fold was that of the powder in the eyes. To forget without further delay.