This Huawei Mate 9 can be a good alternative to the late Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ? Yes, if one takes the first look at it because this smartphone has a Full HD screen of 5.9 inches. No pen to accompany it, but something to appeal to lovers of large screens… And who do not have a problem with having to use a smartphone with two hands!

The screen is also very bright (652 cd/m2) and displayed an excellent level of contrast.This means that in full sun, you’ll have no problem to read the information on your smartphone.

Huawei Mate 9

Another notable point of this screen : the borders have been reduced to the maximum, which gives it a very pleasing aspect. In hand, it has the same size as an iPhone 7 Plus, but with a larger screen.

The hull is metal, the edges are slightly bevelled and one can count on a real finesse of the device (7.9 mm). The finishes are also one of the strong points of this smartphone that will appeal to probably the most severe on the aesthetics. The chinese manufacturer offers a variety of colors : silver, grey, gold, brown and white.

Huawei Mate 9
Good performance, a superb photo

Slightly less powerful than the best on the market, the processor Kirin 960 is still a beast race which will suit even players with the most assiduous. Endurance is also a strong point of the Matte 9 with 10: 20 self-test all-rounder. Daily, he will end the days – even very busy – without flinching.

But it is especially in the photo that the Huawei Mate 9 stands out. Huawei has renewed its partnership with Leica, and proposes a dual sensor. One for the black-and-white which passes a 20-megapixel camera, the other for the colors, always in 12-megapixel. The result was felt widely compared to the P9, as you can see in this video of 01netTV !