Despite strong opposition from the operators, the roaming charges will be removed from the June 15, 2017 for all european citizens moving within a member country. But the data consumption will be limited to “reasonable use” and abuse may be punished by overage costs minor.

The purchase of SIM card, subject to condition

The operators feared that users go buy a SIM card in a State where prices are lower and then use on a daily basis at home. To avoid this situation, the european Commission has introduced the concept of “stable links”. Basically, it will be necessary to reside, work or be a student in a country to acquire a SIM card. You will be asked for your papers if you buy one. On the other hand, the operators will have the right to require proof if they notice that your consumption is regular and excessive abroad.

You will receive a warning first before being surcharged

The intervention of the operators will be very circumscribed. They will have to respect an observation period of four months and find that the customer has spent more than two months abroad on four and he has used more outside of their country of origin. They will then be forced to send a warning first to allow time for the subscriber to re-enter. If it does not change behavior, it will then be subject to supplements minor. € 0.04 per minute for calls, eur 0.01 per SMS and 0,0085 € per Mbps.

The data limited

Holders of an unlimited plan or an offer giving access to a lot of data for a low cost will not, however, use up all of their data in a different european country. The ceiling will be fixed by reference to the subscription price and the wholesale price of roaming charges paid by the operator. However, this wholesale price is going to change and is not yet determined. But what is sure, is that subscribers to French Free Mobile with their 50 Gb for only 19.99 euros should be at a disadvantage. No problem, on the other hand, to call and send SMS without any restriction.