The Galaxy A5 is, since two years already, one of the best representatives of high-end smartphones. A sophisticated design and very well equipped, it has the merit to stay at a reasonable price. His edition 2017, unveiled at ces in Las Vegas and already marketed in France will she do as well ?

First of all, the design of this new samsung Galaxy A5 is very attractive, largely inspired by the Galaxy S7. With his back to the glass edges slightly curved, this new Galaxy holds very well in hand.

Galaxy A5

Its screen of 5.2-inch displays vibrant colors and a perfect contrast thanks to the Super Amoled technology, expensive Samsung. The brightness of the slab is also excellent, plenty to be able to use it in all circumstances, including in the sun.

Powerful and full of energy

His chip does not reach the power of the iPhone 7 and other Galaxy S7, but it remains amply sufficient for all types of uses. Including 3D games, even very hungry, which turn very well on the Galaxy A5. Another point that does not spoil the fun, Samsung has treated the autonomy of the device. The lab was measured at 13: 50 p.m. in multipurpose usage, with the display on. A very good score, which provides much more of a day of typical use.

Galaxy A5

Finally, the only reproach one could make the Galaxy A5 comes from the quality of its camera in low light. If the shots are far from being unworkable, it goes to the same account of the difference that still separates the high-end smartphones. Fortunately, the device makes up for it largely on the photos of the scene well exposed.

A redesigned interface

Finally, we should note that Samsung has redesigned the interface of the device. Simpler and better organized, it offers many tricks and well practices, as we will explain in this video.

In short, the Samsung Galaxy A5 is one of the best smartphones mid-range early this year. In the light of its complete equipment and its elegance, it remains, at 430 euros, a very good report quality-price. What to do to forget the fiasco of the Galaxy Note 7 and reassure them about the future of Samsung.