Usually, the Korean giant Samsung enjoys the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, end of February, to present to the public its Android smartphones the most prestigious, the Galaxy S. But this year, it would seem that the manufacturer prefers to devote its Samsung Galaxy S8 an event dedicated, to better put it in before.

The launch could take place in New York on the 29th of march next, and the availability seems to be scheduled for 21 April. Dates which could be confirmed at the Mobile World Congress in 2017 which takes place in two small weeks in Spain.

And evidence that the Korean plans to do things in a big way, in a recent article in the the Investor mentioned the possible delivery of the 16 million terminals throughout the world for his exit to be sure to meet the demand (compared to 12 million for the Galaxy S7).

Anyway, a few weeks of the launch alleged, make it a point on all that is already known on this future device, responsible to reconcile the brand with its users after the disaster of the Galaxy Note 7, spot advertising to support it.

Finally, two names and two models

If last year the rumors were state of the output of a single Samsung Galaxy S8, available in two screen sizes, there are whispers now that the two terminals may have a different name. It would be the S8 and the S8+, breaking the tradition of the S and S Edge, whose last representatives still the Galaxy S7 and S7 the Edge. Each would, however, screen size, as a certain iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

A screen with no edge

This is a recurring rumor for a few months already, the Samsung Galaxy S8 could propose a screen that says “no edge” (or almost), with a display surface that would occupy 90% of the front of the device (compared to 80% today). Based on the Super AMOLED technology that offers vivid colors, a stark contrast, and shows a much less energy-intensive, the screen of the first model could suddenly be $ 5.7-inch (14,47 cm). The diagonal of the second reach, she, 6.2 inch, or even a little more (15,74 cm)!

Side definition, the last of the noise speaks of 2K (1440 by 2560 pixels) for the “smaller” of the two S8 and 4K UHD (2160-by-3840 pixels) for the largest, or as much as some televisions show on sale now.

Goodbye Home button, hello sensors

With such a big screen, it’s a safe bet that the “Home” button the physical is relegated to the back of the device, in the form of a sensor, or simply replaced by a virtual button, integrated into the glass of the screen and included in the Android interface. In the first case, the sensor may have several functions such as view notifications with a simple swipe of your finger, or scroll through web pages.

Among the other sensors potentially embedded in the device, the Korea Herald reported, last October, a rumour that a scan of the iris (improved compared to the Note 7) would be of the party, as well as a camera with dual sensor, located at the rear of the smartphone.

Equipment high-performance

High-end Smartphone requires, the race for the power starts again. Especially if the iPhone 8 record-breaking… Samsung should logically bet, for Europe, on its next Exynos processor (8895), of which the manufacturing process would benefit from a graphic chip almost two times more potent than that of its predecessor. The United States, they would retain a terminal that is driven by a Snapdragon cpu, the latest 835.

In this regard, in order to be able to deliver millions of device mentioned above, Samsung would involve a very large number of production lines processor, which could have consequences on the dates of availability of competing devices that have also chosen the Snapdragon 835 for their smartphones cru 2017.

Performance put to use to display Android (7.0 ?) on the high definition of the screen, but, also, games, content, virtual reality, videos and movies in very high definition, all without slowdown.

To support the processor, Samsung may well be granted between 4 and 6 Gb of ram in its next smartphone luxury (8 Gb are mentioned also). Its storage capacity could be between 64 and 256 Gb of storage!

Of course, compatible 4G and Wi-Fi, the Samsung Galaxy S8 could take advantage of the latest generation of Bluetooth, called Bluetooth 5.0. With advantage, an extended range, less energy consumed and less interference with other communications protocols wireless.

Battery side, a recent article in the Wall Street Journal indicated that this would be the subsidiary of Samsung SDI in order to ensure the production. As a reminder, it is SDI which had produced the first battery fire Note 7 and Samsung did not hesitate to put into question.

Samsung Galaxy S8 A new artificial intelligence?

Samsung could replace his personal assistant S Voice by an all-new aide-de-camp, code name Bixby, acquired at the time of the redemption of Viv Labs, the company that was founded by the creators of Apple’s Siri. However, an agreement signed between Samsung and Google to avoid conflicts of patent could prevent the Korean implement Bixby in his smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S8: The jack on the verge of disappearing

Apple started the ball rolling, Samsung Galaxy S8 may well be in the dance. The future prospects of the jack seem to be, in effect, compromised with the arrival of the Galaxy S8. It could then be replaced by a single USB Type-C, is already used on the recent Galaxy A5. Although there is not yet wired headsets exploiting this connection, the Samsung Galaxy S8 could be delivered with an adapter for Type-C/jack. Listening to music while charging the device would then become a problem !

Always at the audio beam, the recent buyout of Harman by Samsung could have a direct and positive impact on the quality of the speakers embedded in the device.