Huawei, the third vendor of smartphones in the world, knows how to make very good smartphones. Its subsidiary Honor is responsible for the decline in the more affordable versions. Sold only 249 euros, the Honor 6X adopts the codes of the high-end models. Rather than plastic, it is metal that covers the rear facade, with a dual camera and a fingerprint sensor in the key.

Honor 6X

Of the solid to players

Even at this price, the chinese manufacturer delivers a product to the equipment in the highest quality. In addition to its beautiful finishes, it offers an excellent display, thanks to its 5.5-inch screen Full HD, bright and very well contrasted. Only a small adjustment is necessary to obtain the colors a little less cold. The operating software is based on Android Marshmallow – before final release – and builds in part of the design of iOS, the mobile system designed by Apple.

Honor 6X

Among the the other loans to the smartphones more expensive, the fingerprint sensor is responsive and reliable copy. But it is the association between a processor and solid 3 Gb of ram, which allows the Honor 6X to run any 3D game. The performance does not compete yet with those of a Samsung Galaxy S7 (700€), or a OnePlus 3T (440€), but allow you to play by avoiding the slowdowns. The device also has reserved a nice surprise, reaching a very good level of autonomy. You lachera not, even after the most intense days.

A little more in the Honor 6X photo

This year, manufacturers like Apple, LG and Huawei have banked on double photo sensors. Honor continues on this trend, but with less ambition. Here, the second module is only there to better assess the depth-of-field and propose a bokeh effect, blurring artistic very appreciated by the photographers. A function that is also found on the iPhone 7 More.

The result is far from that of professional appliances and recessed compared to the Apple product. But it is still very acceptable and enough to make a good impression on the social networks. Overall, the photo quality is acceptable, but degrades rapidly when the environment is darker.

Well finished, powerful and very autonomous, the Honor 6X is one of the new safe values of the input range. Has less than 250 euros, its only limit boils down to a loss of photo quality in low light. In other words, this smartphone is not very far from the perfection.