The conference developers GTC 2020 Nvidia, which is expected in the architecture of the GeForce graphics cards of new generation, turns into a convention virtual on fears related to the sars coronavirus.

The dominoes continue to fall. The conference GTC 2020 Nvidia becomes ” an online event due to growing concerns about the sars coronavirus “, following the cancellation of the conference Mobile World, the Game Developers Conference and others, announced Monday, the supplier of graphics chips. The convention will therefore take place, but only in virtual form – and although it is a conference for developers, it could be a capital event for consumers who want to learn more about the GeForce graphics cards “Ampere” of the new generation.

“[The founder and CEO of Nvidia, Jensen Huang], will always be a keynote “, now shows the portal GTC 2020 of the company. “We will share our announcements. And we will work to ensure that our speakers can share their presentations. But we will do all of this online. “The company has also stated that” for those who are in the program of development of Nvidia, we expect to schedule the availability with our researchers, engineers, and solution architects to answer technical questions. ”

Ampere or not Ampere

Nvidia has not alluded to this as the keynote Jensen Huang will cover, but a teaser enigmatic at the last point of the company’s financial has fueled the rumor mill. To close the conference call with financial analysts, the CEO said : “We will talk much more of these key trends, and much more at the conference GTC next month in San Jose. Come join me, you will not be disappointed “, according to the transcript of the Motley Fool.

Jensen Huang Nvidia unveiled the GPU Volta in the CWG 2017.

To be clear, Nvidia has not confirmed anything about its graphics chipsets of the new generation. The company has not said that they were called “Ampere”, or if they will be engraved in 7 nanometers, the source of high frequencies and a gain of performance in the face of the cards Radeon graphics rival AMD. Mysterious Nvidia GPU, however that has appeared in benchmarks online.

If it is not specified that the new GeForce graphics cards are arriving this year, the calendar lines up yet. The GeForce graphics cards RTX 20 Nvidia have been launched in August 2018, and the point of refreshment has been reached. And after having lost the race to 7 nm in the face of AMD, Nvidia should be ready to position themselves well before the launch of the much awaited GPU Radeon “Big Navi”, a little later this year, as well as to put its best assets before the launch of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 at the end of the year. These consoles will be built with the next graphics architecture RDNA2 AMD , with hardware support for ray-tracing in real-time, technology as the graphics cards RTX Nvidia have helped to develop.

Series GeForce RTX-20 must be updated. (Brad Chacos / IDG)

That said, if Nvidia provides an overview of platform-Ampere at its GTC 2020 virtual, the information will be aimed primarily at developers. More details should also be provided on a new GPU architecture Tesla for the data center. Jensen Huang had revealed the GPU architecture “Pascal”, which was eventually equipped graphics cards GeForce GTX series 10 when the GTX 2016 to the sides of the Tesla P100, while the GPU architecture Volta” has provided the underlying technology of the GPU, “Turing” to the interior of the GeForce RTX. The series 20 was unveiled as the Tesla V100 at the GTC 2017.