LG is back in great shape. The Korean manufacturer is going to market in the next few days its new high-end smartphone, the LG G6. Like the Galaxy S8 Samsung (the other Korean), it has a screen almost without edges, in the format extended 18:9 instead of 16:9 usual. The display area occupies the greater part of the front side of the mobile.


If the effect is more than enticing, it does have a few flaws. In fact, many applications and games have not yet been updated to adapt to this new ratio. All the applications that come with the phone are, but most of the others, such as the game Super Mario Run, are displayed with a black band at the top and bottom of the screen. LG proposes to adapt this format via an option, but the two alternatives available to crop the edges slightly of the application. Nothing really satisfying for the moment.


Even if it is not based on Amoled technology that we are used to see now on the high-end smartphones, the IPS screen of 5.7 inches, the LG G6 is a success : it is bright, highly contrasted and therefore well readable outdoors, including a sunny weather.

A camera to fly high

In terms of power and autonomy, this is also all good. The powerful processor Snapdragon 821 Qualcomm also performs well in the tasks of daily life that the video games 3D very resource-intensive. The battery 3 330 mAh has held on to it 11: 09 pm in multi-purpose use after the tests in the lab 01net.com this is an excellent result. Also note that the LG G6 is a smartphone water-resistant, but that it only offers 32 Gb of storage, fortunately expandable via microSD card.


But the area where the LG G6 really is the difference, it is the one in the photo. Its two main objectives of the 13-megapixel camera, located on the back above the fingerprint sensor allows for the creation of classic pictures and photos in wide-angle.

G6 camera


G6 camera

And the quality of the photos is clearly the appointment. In daylight, the images are detailed and precise, but it is especially in low light as the sensor 13 megapixel camera of the G6 shows impressive, with images just as successful. It is rarely taken into default, and its competitors Samsung and Apple have now in front of them a strong contender. On the other hand, it should be noted that the photo application and the autofocus does not show as reactive as the iPhone and other Galaxy S recent.


Was 749 euros, the LG G6 is therefore a smartphone is quite compelling, and even stunning photography. An excellent choice for those looking for an Android smartphone 7 top of the range.