As every year, a rain of new models of smartphones comes down on the Catalan capital, on the occasion of the exhibition Mobile World Congress. Samsung, this time, is missing. The south Korean manufacturer is glad to present a tablet.

The legendary Nokia 3310 is back to life

Sequence nostalgia. HMD, which manufactures smartphones under the brand Nokia, has presented a re-edition of the legendary 3310, with a design that is more rounded and bright colors. On the other hand, this phone is a basic mobile phone (“feature phone”), with its connection be limited to the 2G network, its color screen 2.4-inch, its battery is removable, the battery life of 22 hours in communication and his store application non-existent. This concentrate of nostalgia will cost 49 euros.
Those who want a real smartphone, stamped with Nokia will turn to three models, Nokia 3, 5 and 6. The Nokia 6 will be available from 229 euros. This Android phone has a screen 5.5-inch Full HD, processor Snapdragon 430, and photo sensors front and rear (8 and 16 MP).


LG launches the G6, a smartphone with variable geometry

Finished the modularity of the G5, where you could add material components. With the G6, LG presents a model high-end most classic of which the features will depend, oddly enough, of the place where it is located. Us customers will benefit from the wireless charging, but not the other. Similarly, the sound high-fidelity Quad Dac, 32-bit will only be available in certain asian markets. The dual-SIM would be reserved for eastern Europe. And the 64 Gb version will not be commercialized in India, South Korea and Hong Kong. In short, LG invented the smartphone with variable geometry.


Huawei smartphones P10 bet on the photo

Capitalizing on the success of previous models, Huawei digs a little more in the groove of the photo, through its partnership with Leica. The new smartphone P10 has at the rear two sensors, one color, 12 MP and the other monochrome 20 MP. At the front, it has integrated a sensor of 8 MP. This allows the manufacturer to propose a method of “bokeh” (blur effect in the background), and a portrait mode that would be particularly effective at the level of the colors and the exposure. The Huawei P10 will be available in France on the 24th of march for 599 euros.


XZ Premium , the new flagship of Sony

At Sony, the new smartphone top of the range is now called XZ Premium. Screen 4K HDR with more than 5.2 inches diagonally, chip Snapdragon 835 modem and Gigabit LTE/4G, photo sensor 19 MP, resistance to water and dust… this smartphone has it all. The japanese brand has also introduced two terminals of mid-range, baptized XA1 and XA2. No tariff is currently available.

XZ Premium

Blackberry wants to convince with his KEYone

Blackberry proves once more that the physical keyboard is not dead. In the new model KEYone, it is integrated in a fixed manner on the lower part of the device – almost like the good old days. This obviously reduces the surface of the screen diagonal size is limited to 4.5 inches. But hey, this does not affect the diehards of the button plastic. Launch price: 599 euros.XZ Premium

Lenovo, two smartphones and a hybrid for… gamer

Lenovo, the parent company of the brand Motorola is back with two smartphones. The Moto G5 and G5 More, with, respectively, a display 5 and 5.2 inches, to be positioned in the entry-and mid-range, with a price set at 199 euros for the first and 279 euros for the second.
The chinese giant has also put on the table a series of PC hybrids, of which a has been of particular interest. It is the Yoga 720, a machine bed (almost) cut for the game in his version of the 15.6-inch, since it embarquerait an Intel processor of the latest generation and a graphics card Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050. A beautiful promise which will check the veracity.


Samsung: no smartphone, but a tablet

The market leader will not have benefited from the MWC 2017 to present the Galaxy S8 (some videos have been leaked on the internet), but he did not come empty-handed so far.
The south Korean manufacturer unveiled the Galaxy Tab S3 with which it wishes to outflank the iPad Pro. On the menu: Amoled screen with a diagonal of 9.7 inches, storage, 32 Gb expandable, chip Snapdragon 820, battery 6000 mAh, speakers, AKG, S Pen with 4096 pressure points, etc Unfortunately, the price is not yet known.