The Russian brand Caviar has taken advantage of the Easter celebrations, to expand one of its product ranges, iconic high-tech devices dedicated to the different religions” in a unique design. The collection Credo account and six new iPhone 7 and Apple Watch gold-plated on which prayers and religious symbols have been engraved.

IPhone Creed for orthodox christians, now available in six versions, a reminder of the main commandments of Christ, and “will bring success and prosperity to their owners since the icons etched (a cross, the Our Father, an engraving of the Trinity…) will act as talismans, says Caviar on his site. There are also five models for muslims that reflect “the spiritual values of Islam”.


These smartphones religious put the emphasis on “the respect of their owners, to the eternal alliance and, at the same time, show their values,” says Caviar. The price of these iPhone range of 189,000 to 219.000 rubles (from 3.160 to 3,600 euros).

For those who would prefer to be an object, “a little more discreet,” the brand offers Apple Watch engraved with the Virgin Mary or the Our Father for the price of 189,000 rubles (3.160 euros).

Obviously, precise Caviar range, the Creed is a limited edition: there are only 99 copies of each model.


These devices are not the first smartphones ultra-luxurious and style they are a little particular that the brand offers. In 2015, it had already released an iPhone in gold celebrating the 63 years of Vladimir Putin. And in the month of march last, she took advantage of the sudden communication of Nokia and proposed a version of titanium and gold of the new 3310… it also decorated with the portrait of the Russian ruler.