After several months of work, Microsoft released the first version of Windows 10 with the new icons unified to Fluent Design.In recent months, Microsoft has introduced a new design team tasked to unify the visual appearance of its applications and services. We have already seen the effects with the first presentations of Windows 10X, or more recently with the launch of the new Office application very ambitious on Android and iOS.

Windows 10

During this phase of the work, the team had already published a preview of new icons for Windows 10. They are now available in the program Windows Insider.

55 new icons of Windows 10

Explorer file to Word via Groove Music, or Paint, the teams have reviewed most of the icons used by Microsoft in Windows 10.


Of course we already knew several such as Outlook, OneNote, or Microsoft Edge. It is precisely one of the reasons given by Microsoft to justify this redesign : the teams were met by the famous ” flat design “, but it had been imagined for the icons on the tiles to be dynamic, not for applications available on a wide variety of OS and devices, including Android and iOS.

According to Microsoft, the old icons changed too much in appearance according to their location : in the taskbar or in the start menu for example, creating a cognitive load useless for the brain. The new icons (uc) is intended to eliminate this problem.


The team took the opportunity to present the evolution of some of the icons are different as that of the mail app. You can see through the passage to the aesthetic of the different versions of Windows over the years, with the icon of 2005 clearly designed to go hand-in-hand with Windows Vista and its environment Windows Aero.

You can also see the transition to a design that is monochromatic to go with the tiles vibrant colourful Windows 8 and then Windows 10, before the transition to the new design in 2020.

Windows 10

Microsoft is also demonstrating its iterative process for the calculator icon, starting to the left of the Windows version 10 to 2015, up to the final version of the new icon for 2020 to the right.

The beginning of a longer work

The new set of icons is available today for users of Windows 10 in the program “Insider” with the fast loop. It should be available to all and all since the spring of 2020.

It is a good starting point, but it is hoped that it will be accompanied by a redesign that is deeper than the interface of Windows 10, especially on items, and menus systems that are still emerging from Windows XP or Windows Vista.

This effort of unification commendable must be done from one end to the other of the system, and not only on the surface.