Lenovo unveils its new range of ThinkPad notebook PC. With the ThinkPad X13 , the manufacturer is positioned on the segment that is very popular with ultra-portable. More refined, more powerful, it is characterized by its very attractive price.

Thinkpad X13

The 16.9 mm thick, 1.3 kg. The measurements of the new ThinkPad X13 the rank among the ultra-portable the lightest and most compact on the market. Available in a hybrid version (X13 Yoga), this new ThinkPad embodies ” the horse of battle as premium from Lenovo. In the chinese manufacturer, premium does not mean high prices. 849 dollars is the price appeal of this new X13. However, it does not lack arguments.

The Thinkpad X13 goes to the Intel 10th generation

Lenovo revisits the aesthetic codes of its ThinkPad line : a carbon fibre shell and black chassis combining magnesium and aluminum. The OLED screen is divided into two definitions : Full HD or Ultra HD touchscreen. Version Privacy Guard (brightness of 500 nits) to gain in discretion and delight the professionals dealing with confidential data.

The integration of an Intel processor of 10th generation is, without doubt, the major new addition. It can be accompanied by 4 to 32 Gb of RAM DDR4 and a SSD of 2tb maximum. Compatible Wlan 6 and Bluetooth 5.0, it includes two USB sockets-C, including a Thunderbolt 3, a microSD port, a HDMI, a 3.5 mm jack and two USB 3.1 Type-A. Note that Lenovo offers a version of 4G/LTE category 16, perfect for users more mobile.

ThinkPad, Think Different

By marketing its ThinkPad X13 from 849 dollars ($1099 dollars for the hybrid version), Lenovo is particularly aggressive. Thought for professionals, the ThinkPad line has managed to establish itself among the highlights of the market. For years the chinese manufacturer is resistant to the onslaught of competitors, including Dell and its range XPS, more premium, but also more expensive.

Moreover, these ThinkPad are not reserved as a public asset. The students and individuals to budget more limited can also find a tool for effective productivity. In the margin of this announcement, Lenovo has unveiled a new range of ThinkPad embedded chips Ryzen 4000 Pro AMD.